Fair Isle, Shetland, August 2016

In collaboration with the School, the Bird Observatory and the community of Fair Isle
an all-embracing range of creative workshops responding to the island and its birds.

Led by Kerry Andrew (composer/singer)  and Zack McLaughlin (sculptor/illustrator)
with: Stuart King (clarinet), Roderick Chadwick (piano), Daniel Pioro (violin), Clare O'Connell (cello)
and Claire Shovelton (project manager/documentarian)
plus: Ruth, Pat, Hannah, Tommy, David, Neil, Grace, Freyja, Saskia, Jack, Jayne, Anne, Catherine, Efa, Enid, Hollie, Margot, Fiona

Birdsong_norwich - 10.jpg

Norwich & BERKHAMSTED 2017

Half-Island Half-Bird provided a programme and an activity pack for schools which was the basis of our March  2017 "Birdsong" residency in 7 Norwich primary schools. 

We also performed the programme again for our Kings Arms Berkhamsted audience in March 2017.



Half-Island, Half-Bird was made possible by the support of The Ernest Cook Trust, the Hope Scott Trust, Hugh Fraser Foundation and The Golsoncott Foundation

Jack and CHROMA play, Mid Geo, Fair Isle - August 2016
The Fair Isle and Foula primary school children learnt about drawing musical shapes, and learnt how to 'conduct-compose' the Chroma players to make on-the-spot pieces. They made their own graphic scores responding to Chroma's playing of the opening of Messaien's Quartet For The End of Time. The children then used the sounds of Fair Isle collected on their field-recording morning to inspire them in making their own original graphic score piece for the Chroma quartet.