daniel pioro


DANIEL PIORO photo by Claire Shovelton

DANIEL PIORO photo by Claire Shovelton

Daniel is an English violinist, and leader of the Fibonacci Sequence. A keen soloist and chamber-musician, he actively promotes new music as well as staying true to the virtuoso repertoire that inspired him to begin playing at the age of four. Daniel has worked closely with the acclaimed author Michael Morpurgo, a collaboration that has created the Storyteller's Ensemble, a group of musicians devoted to the written word. As a teacher of improvisation at Dartington International Summer School since 2011, Daniel has improvised on stage with members of the London Contemporary Orchestra, Mr. Underwood, Mira Calix and Jonny Greenwood.

Collaborating with groups such as the London Sinfonietta and LCO, has taken Daniel further into the contemporary music world and most recently with Scottish Ensemble he has added dance to his list of extended techniques. As well as performing regularly as a soloist - most recently with the Orchestra of St. John's, the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the LCO - Daniel works and improvises with musicians from other walks of life such as psychedelic sound-explorers, Grumbling Fur.

He has been a member of CHROMA since 2014 and plays on a violin by Christoph Götting.